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Optical short-range distance sensors - FT-25

FT25 sensorIn addition to its analogue voltage output, the FT 20 R(L)A also has a switching output and offers the possibility of defining a switching window by means of two switching points. It can thus serve as a threshold switch. Thanks to their simple operation, these sensors are suitable for straightforward measurement and control tasks at distances of up to 200 mm.

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Bluelight sensor

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Sensopart logo SensoPart concentrates on the development, production and marketing of optoelectronic sensors for factory automation. They also offer inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors. Their products are used in numerous applications and sectors from automotive and machine construction, through the electronics and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Distance Sensors

Distance sensorsFast and accurate measurement, precise positioning and detection of a wide range of materials - SensoPart distance sensors are reliable tools for many application purposes. Possible applications include monitoring the unwinding of coils, double sheet detection or the accurate positioning of high bay stackers.

Distance sensors


Colour, Contrast and Luminescence Sensors

Color sensorsA proven method of identifying objects is the application of coloured markings which are then analysed by a colour or contrast sensor. This also enables reliable detection of objects with changing shape and surface characteristics. SensoPart offers sensors with five different principles of function.

Colour, contrast & luminescence sensors


Photoelectric and Proximity Sensors

Photoelectric sensorsPhotoelectric and proximity sensors are standard in automation technology. A suitable sensor is available for virtually every application, with a comprehensive choice of different sensor sizes, operating ranges and switching versions. Possible areas of application include placement inspection, pin inspection and the reliable detection of transparent objects.

Photoelectric and proximity sensors


Fiber Optic Sensors and Cables

Fiber Optic SensorsSensoPart's fibre-optic systems are the ideal solution when installation and operating conditions are cramped, hot and dirty. Sensors are protected in a control cabinet or at safe distance whilst the fibre-optic heads are fitted in close proximity to the objects. Possible areas of application include presence detection in rotary transfer machines, the detection of small electronic components or the level measurement of liquids.

Fiber optic sensors and cables


Fork Sensors and Optical Windows

Fram sensorsThanks to their precise beam guidance, fork sensors and optical windows are particularly suitable for small part detection and counting tasks.

Fork sensors and optical windows


Ultrasonic Sensors

ultrasonic sensorsReliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects. Ultrasonic sensors may be a useful alternative whereoptical sensors come up against their physical limits.  A major advantage of ultrasonic sensors is the absolutely reliable background suppression resulting from their sound time-of-flight measurement principle. 

Ultrasonic sensors

Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensorsWith inductive sensors, metallic objects can be reliably detected. Thanks to their great robustness, they can be used in numerous industrial applications. Inductive sensors are extremely precise due to their high repeatability levels. Their simple design anduncomplicated commissioningensure minimal downtimes.

Inductive Sensors


Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensorsCapacitive sensors are suitable for the detection of metallic and non-metallic objects of all types. Even highly transparent glasses or liquids are easy to detect with a capacitive sensor. Only the dielectric conductivity of the target material is relevant: the greater the dielectric constant of a material, the higher the possible switching distances or the more reliable the detection.

Capacitive sensors



SensoPart SmartPlugSmartPlug is suitable for sensors from all producerswith standardised M12 plugs; a special adapter cable is available for connection to an M8 plug. SmartPlug accommodates its refined electronics in a small, easy-to-handle 60 x 20 mm2 plug housing. With its maximum output current of 400 mA, the SmartPlug can also be used as a switching amplifier. SmartPlug is also compatible with sensors from other producers.


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