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LXE300 Joins Direct Connect Product Lineup as SVL's Brightest Linear Light

LXE300 linear lightOffering illumination up to 100,000 lux, the new LXE300 linear light features SVL's most advanced built-in Multi-Drive™ driver, which allows the light to operate continuously or in OverDrive™ strobe mode. The LXE300 is Smart Vision’s brightest and most advanced linear light. Users can connect up to six lights directly (end to end with no spacing between the lights) or by daisy-chaining them using a locking jumper cable, all for a fraction of the cost of a monolithic light.

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Epson T3

Epson T3 robotThe new Epson T3 is an innovative all-in-one SCARA robot that reduces the total cost of ownership with Epson ease of use, fast setup and (seamless) integration, and great performance at an incredibly low price.
The T3 offers great performance, high reliability and ease of use, flexibility, and is easy to learn. It also is energy-saving due to low power consumption, lightweight, and is space-saving with a small footprint yet a large work envelope. It has a built-in controller, saving critical workspace. No battery is required for the controller, motor, or encoder, which minimizes downtime and reduces lifetime ownership costs. The robot has easily accessible inputs and outputs.

The Epson T3 was designed for applications including pick & place, simple assembly, parts/material handling, dispensing, and more. It’s perfect to introduce as a replacement for commonly used linear slides in automation systems.

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Lean Robotics

Lean RoboticsRobotiq just released a three-step, systematic way to complete the robotic cell deployment cycle, from design to integration and operation. It will empower your team to deploy robots quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Lean Robotics covers the complete robot cell deployment. It helps you get to production faster, increase productivity and achieve ROI quickly.

  • Design: "Blueprints" is a new, free service to help manufacturers design their robotic cell. The first step is to map the process as it is now, and then Robotiq coaches help you design your robotic cell.
  • Integrate: "Skills" accelerates robot programming by providing ready-to-use, downloadable robotic programs that production engineers have standardized on Robotiq’s Plug + Play components for their built-in integration with Universal Robots.
  • Operate: "Insights" is a web application that measures Universal Robots' performance. It monitors the robot cell and provides data available to and from the Cloud, to optimize your operation and increase productivity.

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Robotiq FT300 Force Torque Sensor

Robotiq FT300The FT 300 is a multi-axis force and torque sensor that enables Universal Robots to perform force sensitive tasks. It precisely detects and measures robot contacts in order to improve the robot control as well as simplifying its programming. It has high resolution, and precise and repeatable measurements.
The FT 300 has a perfect mechanical fit with all UR models, as well as a dedicated, all-in-one hardware package, and a fast and simple installation with free downloadable URCap software. Hand-guide your robot with precision and smoothness using the ActiveDrive toolbar, which is included in URCap. With FT 300 Path Recording software, you can easily program complex robot trajectories, program your robot faster, and focus on production.

The Force Torque Sensor is a perfect fit for machine tending, assembly, pick & place, and product testing processes.

Download Application Packages for the FT300

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