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Opto 22 Epic: Edge Programmable Industrial Control System

Epic controllerThis is EPIC: the world's first Edge Programmable Industrial Control system—a brand-new I/O and control system built for the future of automation and designed for the way you work. Includes guaranteed-for-life I/O, a flexible Linux®-based controller with gateway functions, high-resolution touchscreen, two independent network interfaces, USB and HDMI ports, and software including control programming, groov View for device-independent HMI, Node-RED for simple data flows, and Ignition Edge® for OPC-UA drivers and MQTT/Sparkplug communications—and more. It all comes together to make groov EPIC your obvious choice for any industrial internet of things (IIoT) application.

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Midopt: Cognex In-Sight Machine Vision Filters

Midopt filtersMidwest Optical released a series of filters specifically for Cognex’s Insight 2000 and Insight 7000 series. These high-quality machine vision filters: • Clip into existing Cognex housing • Work well with Cognex LED wavelengths • Are offered in most BP and BN series • Have in-stock availability and short lead times

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LMI Gocator TireLMI: New Gocators

LMI’s new Gocator 2430 and Gocator 2440 were created specifically for the rubber and tire industry. With the latest 2-megapixel imaging technology, high-speed onboard processing, and an improved optical design, these 3D sensors achieve faster scan rates and greater sensitivity (i.e. shorter exposure times) when scanning dark materials (e.g., tire tread/sidewall, rubber sheets).

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Applied Motion MotorsApplied Motion Products: UL-Certified Line of Stepper & Servo Motors

Applied Motion Products is pleased to offer a range of step motors and servo motors that are UL recognized and CSA certified. Included in the offering are step motors in frame sizes 17 through 34 and sevo motors in frame sizes 40 through 80 mm.

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Metaphase EclipserMetaphase: Eclipser

This patent-pending dark field line light has never before been offered to the industry. Combining strategically positioned LED lights on innovative dark strips and newly developed light ray forming optics allows discovery of previously overlooked flaws in optically clear glass and plastic quality control systems. "Bending" light encircles particles and air pockets creating a glow illuminating the imperfection that can now be seen on a sub-pixel level.

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