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Connectivity Essentials: The Basics, Always Available

Murrelektronik’s wide variety of M8 and M12 cables and accessories is taking connectivity to you.Murrr cable catalog Murr cable catalog

Take advantage of the special pricing and in-stock inventory to turn your wiring into a solution! 


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M12 Steel with LED

M12 Steel with LED The unbreakable M12 Steel connector is now available with an LED. The light is large, bright and clearly visible. Now it’s possible to check the switching state of sensors on-site, even in extremely demanding applications like the Food & Beverage industry.

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Impact 67 - Now available for EtherCat!Impact 67

The Impact67 fieldbus module can now transfer data even faster with EtherCat! 


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Murr MVP12 Steel

MVP12 SteelThe IP69k Stainless Steel Distribution Box

Murrelektronik‘s MVP12 Steel distribution boxes have an IP69K rated stainless steel housing which is easy to clean with no grooves or other small spaces where mold or bacteria can collect.

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Murrelektronik has a diversified product range, and can supply you with well thought-out solutions made to fit your industrial automation applications all from a single source. From the control cabinet via the interface active or passive into the field.

Power Supplies

Power suppliesMurrelektronik offers complete system solutions from a single source. Their product portfolio includes a complete range of products, from simple transformers through to battery-backed, redundant, intelligent power distribution systems.  The intelligent power distribution, MICO provides load circuits with effective protection and prevents the risk of fire. This intelligent component saves space, reduces switch-on peaks, saves operating states, and stops overcurrents quickly and safely.

Power supplies

interface suppressionInterference Suppression

Suppressor modules from Murrelektronik ensure machine availability preventing malfunctions or faults and save considerable costs. Murrelektronik offers matched components for contactors, motors and valves designed for installation in control cabinets or in the field.

Interference Suppression

Coupling modulesCoupling Modules

Coupling modules from Murrelektronik can disconnect, switch, or convert voltage - even where space is at a premium. Their product portfolio comprises a variety of relay and optocoupler modules that use the practical terminal block format. Analog transformers and temperature converters are specially designed for applications in the field of process measuring and control technology.

Coupling Modules


Interface connectionsConnection Solutions

Murrelektronik offers solutions that provide fast, service-friendly, cost-effective connections to your peripherals. Connections that are uncomplicated, but also easily disconnectable for transportation or for working with modular machines.  Their control cabinet couplings are designed as bus and power supply interfaces. They feature IP65 protection and are produced as modular systems. Murrelektronik offers a complete range of data plug connectors for control cabinet couplings.  Cable glands allow uninterrupted cable runs. Modular card cages ensure total flexibility. Installation is fast and the cable glands are designed to fit standard cutout sizes.

Connection solutions

Passive field distributionPassive Field Distribution

Passive distribution systems from Murrelektronik provide solutions for complex fault-prone wiring in the field terminal boxes. Their distributors with plastic or metal housings are universally installable. All passive distributors are pretested. Continuously plugged and preterminated cables make the wiring of sensors and actuators quick and easy. Distributors from Murrelektronik help you to significantly reduce your installation and maintenance costs.

Passive Field distribution

Connection technologyConnection Technology

In the field of sensor/actuator connectivity, Murrelektronik offers you an extremely wide range of cable types and colors. M8/M12 round plugs are quick and easy to install to fit with a torque wrench. Valve connectors from Murrelektronik are designed for all types of valves. They are fitted with captive seals and have an integrated LED and protection circuit.

In the field of M12 connections, Murrelektronik offers the MQ12 - a unique quick-lock system that fits any sensor. The M12 Steel is a plug connector that meets the extremely high demands of the food and beverage industry.

Connection technology


I/O Systems and modulesI/O Systems and Modules

With respect to passive installation technology, the AS Interface I/O System from Murrelektronik offers users a continuous solution, from the control panel and control cabinet through to tough deployment in the field. Sturdy, fully encapsulated MVK fieldbus modules in metal housings are ideal for applications in tough environments. Cube67 is a decentralized, controller-independent bus system that distributes from the bus coupler directly to the I/O level of a machine.

I/O Systems and Modules

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