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Macron Dynamics MacFRAME Extrusion more information

A complete line of aluminum extrusions for machine frames and automation applications.


Gear Boxes

Macron Dynamics gearboxes more information

Macron Dynamics MPG inline planetary gear boxes are designed to eliminate the need for motor mounts used in a typical linear actuator drive system setup.



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Macron Dynamics, Inc. is a manufacturer of linear robotic systems and mechanical motion components, providing automation solutions for applications found around the globe.  Macron has redefined each component and every product through time-tested installations and experience.  Macron products are built with the highest quality materials, assembled in the USA, and engineered to withstand the abuses of rigorous, daily usage.  The result is a combination of versatility, positioning repeatability, durability, and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Macron Dynamics linear robotics more information Linear Robotics

Available in 2 and 3 axis designs, Macron linear robotic systems are built to meet the specifications of any time, space, or size necessary to your unique application.  Their gantry and Cartesian systems are available standard or configured to meet your specs.  Motor mounting flexibility, cable management solutions, and plug and play functionality are part of Macron’s proven experience in belt and screw driven technology.

linear robotics


Macron Dynamics belt driven actuators more information Belt Driven Actuators

Macron belt driven actuators are perfect for high-speed, heavy load applications, their aluminum belt driven actuator line is corrosion resistant, and designed with T-slots for easy mounting and a one-piece stress-proof shafted pulley.

belt driven actuators