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SignaTech ™

Ai redefined illumination industry standards by "turbo-charging" LED's at up to 80 times nominal current using the SignaTech™ controller. SignaTech controller

SignaTech™ (Signature Technology) is Ai's innovative control system, which simplifies the operation of LED illumination products while increasing performance and reliability.

Each Ai light is built with an internal electronic signature. Upon connection to a microprocessor-based SignaTech controller, the light signature is read and the controller automatically configures itself to output the optimum current level for a given pulse width. The SignaTech control system also applies to steady state, DC operation for those applications that do not require strobing.



















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Advanced Illumination

Advanced illumination, Inc. is a lighting solutions company, designing and manufacturing a broad range of LED lights and supporting electronics, primarily for use in machine vision applications.  They specialize in creating tailored lighting products, providing customized versions of their standard product line to fit individual requirements.

Standard Lights

Standard Products

Advanced illumination offers a larger selection of lighting products for machine vision applications including: Axial Diffuselites, back lighting, diffuselites, ring lights, spot lights linear arrays and line lights.  They also offer a full complement of accessories, current regulators and strobe controllers for these products.

Standard Products

Expandable lightsExpandable Lighting Solutions

The BL series back lights offer a surface mount design provides extremely consistent light of the entire active area of illumination.  The LL series of line lights are ideally suited for use with line-scan cameras.  Advanced illumination’s line of linear arrays offers high intensity light in a small package.

Expandable Lighting Solutions


Custom SolutionsCustom Solutions

In the event that a modified light is needed, a tailored product can be built-to-order in two weeks or less. The most basic tailored product is known as a Standard Variation. Variable parameters such as field of view, stand-off, illumination wavelength, input power and others are readily modified along standard guidelines. 

Evenlite technology allows structured lighting effects to be developed far more easily than in the past. Each LED within an Evenlite array is individually aimed and targeted, allowing us to place the light precisely where it is needed.

Custom Solutions

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